Gutter Protection on Long Island


Protect your home with Leafguard’s Unique 100% CLOG FREE gutter protection system… Guaranteed!

housekeepingGutter System Seal of Approval

Leafguard has earned the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, providing the best gutter protection and clog free guarantee. Leafguard is the premier gutter system offering a vast amount of features and benefits,protecting your home from water damage.

Patented Design

Leafguard’s patented design allows rain water to cling to the hood and into the gutter, while deflecting debris and leaves. Leafguard is NOT a cover or screen. It is a unique and seamless gutter protection system designed to allow rainwater to flow constantly.

Approved Gutter Protection System

LeafGuard gutter system is the only system to earn the Good Housekeeping seal. All properties and claims were tested, evaluated and approved at the Good Housekeeping Institute confirming:

  • Unique system utilizes liquid adhesion so only water falls into the gutter. Leaves, dirt and debris sheds off the seamless hood
  • Water exits the gutter quickly, utilizing a wide downspout
  • Withstands ice buildup

All evaluations of the Good Housekeeping Institute are backed by a lifetime warranty!

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100% Clog Free
Patented, Seamless,
One-Piece Hood &
Trough Gutter System
Resolves Exisiting Gutter
Does Not Put Holes in
Does Not Detatch in High
Limited Lifetime Paint
Finish Warranty
Good Housekeeping Seal
of Approval
20% Thicker Aluminum
Used in Construction of
Bracketing Attachments
Preventing Sagging Under
Snow/Ice Weight